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The James Bond 007 Dossier

Bond, James Bond.

26. February 2014 09:08
by m

James Bond Meets the Muppets

26. February 2014 09:08 by m | 0 Comments

In 1980, Roger Moore guest starred on The Muppet Show, where he was romanced by Miss Piggy, stepped in a pie ("Do you use Pies on this show?" "Spies?" "No, Pies... I just stepped in one.") And still looked so suave Kermit says he never would have noticed it if he hadn't mentioned it. In the finale, Moore 'sang' "Talk to the Animals" while deftly dispatching muppet spies who are trying to kill James Bond. [More]

19. February 2014 15:18
by m

Roger Moore - Where Does Love Go?

19. February 2014 15:18 by m | 0 Comments

In 1965 Roger Moore and Luisa Mattioli released a single. The 'A' Side, Where Does Love Go was a cover of an old Charles Boyer number, while the B side was an original composition written by Roger & Luisa. Roger doesn't sing, it's more like he's reading a poem. When asked by the Daily Mail in November of that year why he's not singing, Mr Moore replied" 'I didn't want to inflict that on the public.' Perhaps not surprisingly, the record wasn't a smash hit, but when I stumbled across a copy I just had to share it. [More]

10. February 2014 13:53
by m

Skyfall 35mm Teaser and Trailer in 1080p

10. February 2014 13:53 by m | 0 Comments

1080p trailers for SkyfallSkyfall were (and possibly still are) available on sites like, and were also included on the Bluray discs, and these are pristine digital transfers made by the studios themselves, so quality wise they cannot be beat. The trailers below, however, were captured from the 35mm film reels that were sent to cinemas in the fall of 2012 to promote the film, and as you can see they are somewhat shaky and dirty in comparison. Yet they are significant because, with the nationwide move to digital 2k projection, SkyfallSkyfall may well be the last James Bond film to be trailered on 35mm film, at least in the U.S. [More]

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