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Bond, James Bond.

5. October 2012 18:14
by m

The Man with the Golden Gun Shoots Blanks

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Rumor has it that James Bond is back. Or, at least a reasonable facsimile there of has returned
It's mostly a rumor.
Sorry about that.
Recognize that line? It's a running gag that was used on the 1960's television show GET SMART, right? Well. MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, the ninth James Bond movie, bears more kinship with Don Adam's Maxwell Smart than it does with lan Fleming's James Bond, except that the comedy timing and lead character are more likeable in GET SMART. That wasn't a blank shot that was just fired, folks. But somebody is off target. Something has gone wrong with the James Bond films, and that something is not the prophecy that so many magazine movie cuties projected in the late 1960's, as each successive James Bond film was released. A general conjecture was made that the character was ancient: a relic left over from an era that had passed; that audiences wouldn't buy the suave, gentleman secret agent mythology any longer. The critics were wrong. The audience is still buying the films, albeit at an increased ticket rate for admission into the theater; but once there, they don't come near receiving for their money the kind of entertainment they did... [More]

5. October 2012 13:12
by m

Vintage 1981 Starburst Interview with For Your Eyes Only Director John Glen

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John Glen is the man responsible for those moments in recent Bond movies that prompt the audience
to burst in spontaneous applause — those moments that stick in your memory when the rest of the movie has faded... [More]

5. October 2012 12:36
by m

Bond takes on a Brand New Villain. (Flicks magazine July 1989)

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JAMES BOND, like Diamonds, is forever. But what else do a total of two billion plus cinema goers often best remember from the super-agent's first 15 official screen adventures? A hissably, suave baddie. [More]

10. September 2012 09:57
by m

Showcase Presents Doctor No by Ian Fleming

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This version of Dr. NoDr. No is a comic book by Norman J. Nodel. It is a loose adaptation of the eponymous James Bond movie released in 1962, which in turn is inspired by a novel by Ian Fleming [More]

21. April 2011 10:27
by m

Banned James Bond Commentaries

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Listen to and download the banned James Bond commentaries for free, right here.

The James Bond Criterion Collection was pulled from shelves when Cubby Broccoli heard the commentary tracks, these rare tracks are now available for download from the 007 dossier. [More]

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