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The James Bond 007 Dossier

Bond, James Bond.

7. March 2013 05:14
by m

Playboy Daphne Deckers Proves Tomorrow Never Dies

7. March 2013 05:14 by m | 0 Comments

The February 1998 issue of Playboy magazine featured Bond Girl and former Dutch model, Daphne Deckers. Daphne played a Public Relations Rep for Evil Media Mogul Elliot Carver in the 1997 James Bond Film Tomorrow Never DiesTomorrow Never Dies.

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Bonding with Daphne


Dutch model and actress Daphne Deckers is as famous in Holland as Queen Beatrix. It’s not surprising. With a resume that includes being “the face” of Veronica TV (a young, wild Dutch television station), appearing in Dutch singer Marco Borsato’s music videos and writing a best-seller (My Life as a Model) and a children’s book, she has graced more billboards, magazine covers, book jackets and TV screens than all of Dutch royalty combined. Next up? A role as the sexy public relations agent to bad guy Jonathan Pryce in the new James Bond flick, Tomorrow Never DiesTomorrow Never Dies. “It’s a small part,” says the 29-year-old beauty. “I auditioned to be one of the Bond girls, but those roles went to Teri Hatcher and Michelle Yeoh.” Daphne, Teri, Michelle—sounds like 007th heaven to us.
Dcckers shakes and stirs in Tomorrow Never DiesTomorrow Never Dies alongside Pierce Brosnan and Bond girls Teri Hatcher (below) and Michelle Yeoh (above right). As seen here, Deckers steals the show.


Daphne quit modeling three years ago after eight years in the business. "I'd like to do many new things' she says. “I've always tried to have as well rounded a life as possible, to make my own rules. Right now I'm most proud of the books and opinion columns I've written. With acting, I'm dependent on screenwriters and directors, but when I write it's 100 percent creativity."

"People who don't know me think my life goes smoothly and cosily," Dophne explains. "But it's not like that at all. Everything I've achieved has come from working hard, setting goals and taking risks."

"Ordinary nudes are so common,” Daphne says. That's why she chose a more visually aggressive pictorial. "I wanted powerful pictures with the focus on composition. I wonted to show my interpretation of the 007 theme."

Copyright © 1998 Playboy. All rights reserved.

[Source: Playboy USA February 1998]

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