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26. April 2013 08:27
by m

No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You To Walk

26. April 2013 08:27 by m | 0 Comments

You probably heard about the $4.6 Million dollar sale at auction of one of the original James Bond GoldfingerGoldfinger/ThunderballThunderball Aston Martin DB5 cars last October. The car is said to have been one of two used for driving scenes in the movies with the actor Sean Connery behind the wheel as Bond.

The other car used in the films was reported stolen from a Boca Raton airport hangar in 1997 and has not been seen since. Two other cars were built for promotional purposes.

With only four real James Bond DB5s in existence (and one of them unlikely to show up for auction any time soon to prevent the criminal investigation that would surely follow), obtaining one with all the gadgets is pretty unlikely, even if you could afford one. But, of course, Aston Martin DB5s (and DB6s which look very similar) were production cars, so perhaps one of the standard cars would be more obtainable...?

The June 2013 Issue of Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car reported that one sold at auction last month in Scottsdale Arizona for just $792,000:



Year: 1965    Selling Price:
Model: DB5    
Condition: Restored/#1    
Avg. Selling Price: $628,500
Price: $792,000
Reserve: Undisclosed    

An unusual LHD air-conditioned example of the DB5 saloon (yes, we know it was a rather coupe-like two door fastback), of which just 886 were built. Initially finished in Dubonnet, this DB had subsequently been treated to a thorough restoration and a silver respray, invoking the history of that movie spy guy. Long-term ownership by a knowledgeable Aston Martin collector in a private Swiss collection only improved its correctness overtime. Options included power radio antenna and removable headrests-not quite changeable number plates or an ejector seat, but enough for most. Perfection, inside and out.

[Source: Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car, June 2013, P.86]


hmm... Well maybe a DB5 is a little pricey, but having seen M complain about how uncomfortable it is to ride in one in SkyfallSkyfall, I'm not so sure I want a DB5:

Download this file (Right click the link and choose 'Save Target As...')

Perhaps a V8 Volante like the one Timothy Dalton drove in The Living DaylightsThe Living Daylights would be more affordable (and more comfortable)?

Living Daylights Aston Convertable

Well, one of those also sold in Scottsdale last month:



Year: 1989    
Selling Price: $220,000
Model: V8 Vantage Volante    
Condition: 0riginal/#1-    
Avg. Selling Price: $135,000
Reserve: Undisclosed    

Believed to be the last of 58 made for the U.S. market over a three-year period, this five-speed V8 Vantage Volante was sold new in Beverly Hills; the European-style bumpers were a more recent addition to this 11,000-mile-from-new car. Everything appeared as new, inside, outside and under the hood: It seemed unlikely that black paint could glow under any lighting conditions, but this Aston came darned close. We’re assuming that either the missing ashtray was taken as a souvenir, or else was removed by auction staff so that it wouldn’t become a souvenir.

[Source: Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car, June 2013, P.88]

$135,000-220,000! For that kind of money you could get yourself a nice DB9! Which probably means that in twenty or thirty years a 2013 Aston Martin DB9 will probably be worth at least as much, and probably more, than you would pay for it today. All in all, a very good investment if you can afford one - and if you can talk your wife into it!

Still too much money for me, though... But, you know, I always liked that Lotus Esprit they gave Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved MeThe Spy Who Loved Me... $8500! Now that's more like it...

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