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13. May 2013 03:16
by m

Angry Nerd: Start With The Gun Sequence!!

13. May 2013 03:16 by m | 0 Comments

Spotted this in the August 2012 Issue of Wired Magazine.

There are a few pieces of pop culture that are sacrosanct. Han shot first. Spider-Man's Uncle Ben is dead. And Bond movies open with a gun-barrel sequence. You know, the part where 007 fires a pistol straight at the viewer.

It's everything that's awesome about the superspy distilled into 10 seconds--the suave operative strolling along, seemingly unaware that the rifled barrel of a .38 is trained on him, until he turns and drops his would-be assassin with a single shot. Aficionados scrutinize the subtle variations--Sean Connery wears a fedora and fires one-handed. Roger Moore uses two hands. George Lazenby drops to one knee before firing (as if he knew he'd have only one opportunity to do this and he'd better make it memorable). The sequence is a chance for fans to reflect on the glory of the franchise and wonder whether this latest entry will live up to the best films in the series: From Russia With LoveFrom Russia With Love and The Spy Who Loved MeThe Spy Who Loved Me. (This isn't even an argument. Just stop.) But this grand tradition has gone out the window in the Daniel Craig era. In Casino RoyaleCasino Royale, the gun barrel sequence happens several minutes into the film, in an action scene. Um … I'll allow it. But in Quantum of SolaceQuantum of Solace, it happens at the end, after all the bad guys are dead, right before the credits roll. Who's he shooting? The key grip? The gun-barrel sequence better be in its proper place in SkyfallSkyfall, the new flick. Or I'll be forced to wreak havoc on the world from my secret base in an artificial volcano. In my basement.

[Source: Wired Magazine, Aug2012, Vol. 20 Issue 8, p54]

I have to admit I was a little disappointed that the famous Gunbarrel opening sequence was still at the end of the movie. I genuinely believe that if the sequence had been restored to the beginning of SkyfallSkyfall, there would have been cheers in theaters around the world. I'm hopeful that by putting it at the end of SkyfallSkyfall they were marking the end of the reboot which began with Casino RoyaleCasino Royale in 2006 and that it will be back at the beginning of Bond 24...

In the mean time, I was inspired enough to "fan edit" the beginning of SkyfallSkyfall. Initally, I simply took the gunbarrel sequence from the end of the film and moved it to the beginning:

Download this file (Right click the link and choose 'Save Target As...')

But because it just fades out without the effect of the gun man staggering, and the return of the white dot it just wasn't good enough. So I isolated some of the elements and created some custom animation effects which I think looks pretty good:

Download this file (Right click the link and choose 'Save Target As...')

(This video is available in higher resolutions - up to 720p - on YouTube.)

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