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15. May 2013 06:30
by m

Bond 24

15. May 2013 06:30 by m | 0 Comments

Bond 24

Now that SkyfallSkyfall has raked enough coin to furnish an entire chain of hollowed-out volcanoes - with sufficient spare change for an orbital laser or two - where next for 007? Look for some slightly less calloused fingers tapping out the death traps and bon mots.

After five shots at Bond, writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have retired from the service. Their SkyfallSkyfall collaborator John Logan is going solo, penning James' 24th mission for release in 2014. Some sources claim it's the first of a two-part story arc but star Daniel Craig maintains this is bad intel. "It's impossible to do a two-parter," he says, stylishly adjusting his cufflinks after headbutting the internet. "You can't write one movie thinking about the next. All we're trying to do is get the next one sorted out and it'll stand on its own." Intriguingly, Wade claims that Logan and Sam Mendes have cooked up the plot together, hinting that the SkyfallSkyfall helmer isn’t finished with martinis, girls and guns just yet...*

[Source: SFX Magazine #230, February 2013, P.33]

* Since that article was published, SkyfallSkyfall director Sam Mendes has emphatically denied rumours that he will direct Bond 24, explaining to the press that the idea of helming the 24th James Bond film makes him "physically ill":

"Was I willing to go back into a room with a writer and start work on the same set of characters and the same scenarios as I`ve been working on for the last three years? The idea made me physically ill," he said.

When asked how he dealt with disappointed fans of the James Bond franchise, he said, "I say to them, my life is not a democracy. It`s not up for discussion. What? Maybe I should go to one of the Bond chat threads and change my mind? I don't think that's going to happen."

Producer Barbara Broccoli has said that sooner or later they would like to get the director back to the franchise.

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