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Happy Anniversary 007

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As part of the promotion for The Living DaylightsThe Living Daylights an hour long television special aired on May 13th 1987 in the U.S. on the ABC network, which had been a long time partner with James Bond (Anyone remember the 1976 ABC cut of OHMSS?). Written by Time magazine's veteran film critic Richard Schickel, the show features Roger Moore in a series of Bond like locales (on a train, in a restaurant, skiing, etc.) discussing 007's world and showing clips from previous films in the series and ending with some clips and behind the scenes footage from The Living DaylightsThe Living Daylights. Promotion for Happy Anniversary 007 began even before the documentary had been filmed, with Roger Moore and Cubby Broccoli discussed the special with television critics. Moore told the critics that his hosting duties were proof that he wasn't doing another Bond film.

The special was well marketed with on air promos, TV guide advertisements and posters. After airing in the U.K. on August 29th, it was eventually released on VHS tape in the US and on laserdisc in Japan. It was also included on the The Living Daylights (Special Edition) DVD and the Ultimate Edition DVD and Blu-ray disc.

Happy Anniversary 007 posters and artwork

[Source: The Making of The Living Daylights, p.232, 235, 237]


Happy Anniversary 007 VHS FrontHappy Anniversary 007 VHS Back

Twenty-five years ago, a screen legend was born. His name: Bond. James Bond. Profession: The most successful spy in film history. With 15 box office smashes in 25 years, Bond is so much bigger than life, it’s taken four leading men to play him. They are all brought together here in this dazzling retrospective, hosted by Roger Moore.

Packed with an arsenal of rapid-fire cuts from all the best 007 movies, this is a video connoisseur’s treasure of Her Majesty’s most popular secret agent man. It’s a video that you will want to see again and again.

25 YEARS OF JAMES BOND Hosted by Roger Moore Produced and Directed by Mel Stuart Written by Richard Schickel

The Producers gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of Eon Productions Ltd. and Danjaq, S.A.

Gun Symbol Logo ©Danjaq. S.A. and United Artists Company 1962

© 1987 MGM/UA Television Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Happy Anniversary 007 VHS Box art

[Source: CBS/FOX VIDEO VHS Cassette Tape box]

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