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1995 Golden Gun Advertisement

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20 Years after the disappointing 1974 film version of The Man With The Golden GunThe Man With The Golden Gun,S.D. Studios began selling a replica of Scaramanga's Gun for $675. I found this ad for it in the back of the December 1995 issue of Starlog Magazine:

Advertisement for a replica of Scaramanger's Golden Gun from the James Bond 007 Film

The film wasn't all bad: John Barry's Score is classic James Bond, Scaramanga (Christopher Lee) and his servant Nick Nack (Hervé Villechaize) were quite entertaining as the villains, I quite liked the Golden Gun prop, and one of my (and Gene Siskel's) favorite Bond girls, Maud Adams was in it. (She would later also star in OctopussyOctopussy and make a cameo appearance in A View To A KillA View To A Kill.)

The Golden Gun


The premier piece in S.D. Studios’ upcoming line of super high-quality, fully-licensed precision metal replicas of movie and television props.

Production is strictly limited to 7500 replicas world wide.

The James Bond film The Man With The Golden GunThe Man With The Golden Gun introduced movie fans to one of the most unusual weapons ever to appear on the silver screen. A cigarette case, lighter, pen and cuff link which, when assembled, produced a one-of-a-kind assassin’s pistol.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this motion picture, World-Wide & S.D. Studios are producing a limited number of non-firing precision replicas of the Golden Gun. Each replica is composed of machined brass alloy, heavily plated in real 24 karat gold. Like the weapon in the film, the four components can be assembled into the finished gun. A simulated golden bullet, engraved with “007,” is included and can be loaded into the replica.

Each model is shipped in a beautiful solid walnut presentation box, complete w ith a glass lid emblazoned with the 007 logo, brass hardware and a combination lock. A package containing assembly instructions, stills and rare information about the original film is also included.

Walnut display box with 007 Logo.

The combination lock is pre-set to 007.

The replica can be broken down into the main components.

Even the replica bullet is engraved with 007— just like in the film.

NOTE: Non-firing replica cannot be modified to fire live ammunition

The Man With The Golden GunThe Man With The Golden Gun © 1974 Danjaq Inc. All Rights Reserved.

[Source: Starlog Magazine December 1995, p.83]

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