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007 x 4

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In four of the last five James Bond adventures, special effects supervisor John Richardson has acted as an off-camera Q' to the indomitable 007 — engineering a speedboat chase over a waterfall in MoonrakerMoonraker, flying a minijet through an aircraft hangar in OctopussyOctopussy, snaring a blimp on the Golden Gate Bridge in A View To A KillA View To A Kill and staging a massive ground and air battle in The Living DaylightsThe Living Daylights. Eschewing opticals in favor of full-scale physical effects or cleverly integrated miniatures, Richardson has earned a reputation worldwide as an effects artisan of consummate ingenuity and skill. Article by Nora Lee - from a 1988 issue of Cinefex Magazine.

Cinefex James Bond Cover

We're sorry, but the copyright holder of this content has requested that we remove it, and we have complied with this request. When this post was originally published, we believed this issue to be out of print, however Cinefex now offers back issues for the IPAD. If you wish to read the article you can now purchase a back issue of this magazine from the Cinefex website.

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