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26. November 2013 10:10
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The Magic of Moonraker

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The Magic of 'MoonrakerMoonraker'

A lavish budget and a tempered crew of film professionals helped to create the spectacle of the biggest Bond ever!

When I first directed films,” says director Lewis Gilbert, “I used to make an entire feature for less than the MoonrakerMoonraker telephone bill.” The budget for the latest James Bond adventure totaled more than $25 million—money well invested, judging by the army of Bond fans now storming box offices across the country. A major part of that budget was expended on the film’s SFX, some of which are seen in the photos on these pages.

Top: One sequence calls for the simplest of mechanical effects—a prop snake, convincingly manipulated by Roger Moore. Above: The $500,000 set of Drax’s orbital space center is demolished in a series of full-scale explosions. Below: A 5’ model of the MoonrakerMoonraker soars heavenward over one of Derek Meddings’ flawless miniature sets.

Above Left: No SFX team is needed to make a giant of 7' 2” Richard Kiel. His romantic partner is diminuitive French actress Blanche Ravalec. Right: Kiel prepares to sever a “steel cable” with the bare steel of his legendary Jaws. Below: The closing sequences of MoonrakerMoonraker boasts a wealth of optical effects, as laser warfare breaks out aboard the Drax space station.

[Source: STARLOG #26, September 1979, P.50-51.]

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