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9. June 2014 05:01
by m

The original Bond is back!

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Here is an Ad for collectable James Bond figurines, available from Toys 'R' Us around the time Tomorrow Never DiesTomorrow Never Dies was in Theaters, 1997-1998. Under $10 each when new in 1998, they can still be found for $10-#20 on Ebay.

Ad for Dr. No figures at Toys 'R' Us, 1998

Special collector editions salute the classic 007 spy thriller series.

  • Dr. NoDr. No” #16 in the Exclusive Premiere Character Collectibles Series.
  • Under $10 each
  • Includes display base.
  • Shown smaller than actual size of approximately 6 3/4".

Officially authorized character collectible figures from the first James Bond 007 adventure movie—Dr. NoDr. No.

Now you can recreate all the action from the 007 adventure movie that started it all. Here’s the original Agent 007 James Bond, teaming up with the alluring Honey Ryder to foil the evil Dr. NoDr. No’s plot to destroy the U.S. space program.

Crafted with lifelike features and hand-sewn removable clothing, these celebrity character collectibles are fully-poseable for play or display.

These original James Bond, Honey Ryder and Dr. NoDr. No figures are available exclusively at Toys R Us stores.

Your local Toys R Us store is your headquarters for 007 collectibles, including hot new action figures from the latest James Bond thriller Tomorrow Never DiesTomorrow Never Dies.

Visit your favorite movie and TV stars online at
Exclusively at Toys 'R' Us

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