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1. December 2014 05:46
by m

Casebook "Spyfail"

1. December 2014 05:46 by m | 0 Comments

The #MADMonday MADness concludes today, with all the previous James Bonds taking an in depth look at Daniel Craig's tenure as James Bond - in full color!

They change the locations, they change the women, they change the gadgets, they even replace the 007s. But one thing forever stays the same: people griping and bitching about how those fools just ruined the James Bond franchise! Finally, however, those concerns are being discussed at the highest level of British leadership. That's one level above Simon Cowell! For Your Eyes OnlyFor Your Eyes Only, plus anybody else who bought this issue, it's... Casebook "Spyfail" - The battle of the Bonds.

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MAD 521 0052 0053   MAD 521 0054   MAD 521 0055   MAD 521 0056  

[Source: Mad Magazine # 521, June 2013, P.50-54. Written by Desmond Devlin, illustrated by Tom Richmond. Copyright © 2013 E.C. Publications, Inc.]

As far as I know, we are now all caught up on Mad Magazine's take on the James Bond franchise. For a look back at 50 years of Bond in 50 years of MAD follow the links below:

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