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Goldfinger - Life Magazine

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Perhaps one of the most famous magazine covers in the world, and a "must have" for any James Bond Collector, this 50 year old magazine featuring Bond Girl, Shirley Eaton, covered in gold paint is fortunately one that a lot of people must have purchased, and held onto, because on any given day, Ebay seems to have at least one or two for sale and they are typically between $6-$25. This particular one smells pretty musty, but I think you'll agree that it looks great!

"A MATTER FOR JAMES BOND Shirley Eaton, gilded victim in GoldfingerGoldfinger, funniest and money-makingest of the 007 movies."

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CAN BOND SAVE FORT KNOX FROM GoldfingerGoldfinger?

Agent 007 Takes On a Solid-Gold Cad

GoldfingerGoldfinger, the fat villain (Gert Froebe), cheats at cards using a transistor radio as a hearing aid.

Auric GoldfingerGoldfinger is one of the late Ian Fleming’s finest villains. A porcine, modern-day Midas, he wants to become the world’s first bullionaire by cornering the U.S. gold reserves at Fort Knox with the aid of an atomic device and an aerial circus of gorgeous girls, whose mission is to immobilize the fort’s garrison with nerve gas. Hut GoldfingerGoldfinger does not reckon with nerveless James Bond, the suavely sadistic Agent 007. Played again by Sean Connery, he makes his third and most entertaining appearance on film in GoldfingerGoldfinger. The film is spruced up with an acre or so of dazzling girls—one of whom gels gilded to death (see cover and following page) and some far-out gimmickry. Best of all, the film persistently kids itself—which saves it from becoming unintentionally hilarious. Even though GoldfingerGoldfinger never quite gets his fingers on the loot, the film’s producers stand to clean up. Already a smash in England, GoldfingerGoldfinger should break all records for a Bond movie in the U.S.

Photo: aviatrix named Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman), hired by GoldfingerGoldfinger, tumbles after a judo twist from Bond.
Photo: bay inside Fort Knox, Bond {right) reels against gold bricks during fight with Oddjob, an Oriental muscle man.

Death Fingers a Gilded Beauty and a Plug-Ugly

Death comes in many strange ways to the characters in GoldfingerGoldfinger. After a torrid love scene with Bond in a Miami hotel room, one of GoldfingerGoldfinger’s girls (Shirley Eaton, above) is dispatched by her boss, who gilds her lilylike body from head to toe, causing her to die of skin suffocation. Another girl is hit by a hat with a steel brim, which breaks her neck. Bond himself narrowly escapes being bisected by a deadly laser beam that cuts through metal. The monstrous GoldfingerGoldfinger is sucked to his reward through a broken window in a jet, while his seemingly indestructible muscle man, Oddjob, is electrocuted (right) trying to retrieve his steel-brimmed derby from a grill into which Bond has hurled a live wire. It is all, as Agent 007 notes, "Shocking, shocking!”

[Source: Life Magazine, November 6 1964, vol.47 #19. P116-119. Copyright © 1964 Time Inc. All rights reserved.]

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