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Total Film 2015 Preview BOND 24 & KINGSMAN

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There is no denying 2015 is going to be mega - Avengers, James Bond and The Terminator are back, Jurassic World opens its gates once again and they’ve only gone and made another Star Wars movie... The February 2015 issue of Total Film takes a look at the upcoming 24th 007 film, SpectreSpectre; and another spy film that looks like a lot of fun, Kingsman, starring Colin Firth.

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Bond looks set to face his greatest foe once again..

STARRING Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, Ralph Fiennes ETA 23 October
ANOTHER FIRST FOR THE JAMES BOND franchise: an acronym-based title. Yep, Bond 24 is now offically named SpectreSpectre - presumably a nod to the evil terrorist organisation (special executive for Counter-intelligence, terrorism, revenge and extortion) that has plagued 007 since his first appearence in 1962’s Dr. NoDr. No.

Once again directed by Sam Mendes, who steered SkyfallSkyfall to a staggering $1.1bn box-office haul, SpectreSpectre will apparently see a mysterious message from his past sending Bond (Daniel Craig) on the hunt to uncover a sinister organisation, while the new M (Ralph Fiennes) fights interfering politicans in London. The globetrotting story will also take in locations including Rome, Mexico City, Tangier and Austrian snow resort, Solden. Will Bond be back on his skis? Here’s hoping...

Familiar faces also returning are Naomie Harris as Moneypenny, Ben Whishaw as Q and Rory Kinnear as Tanner, while new cast members include Sherlocks Andrew Scott, Irreversible’s Monica Bellucci and Blue Is The Warmest Colour's Lea Seydoux. Then there’s Dave Bautista, fresh from his Guardians Of The Galaxy breakout as the none more henchman-sounding ‘Mr Hinx’.

The film’s key new player, though, looks set to be Christoph Waltz. The cast announcement pegged the double Oscar-winner as ‘Oberhauser’. Could this be a reference to the ski instructor whose death Bond is investigating in Ian Fleming’s OctopussyOctopussy? More likely he’ll be revealed as Bond’s greatest nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld - the evil genius behind SpectreSpectre. If so, expect a darker take than Donald Pleasence’s oft-parodied portrayal, though hopefully he’ll still have his signature kitty in tow.


Meet James Bond's anarchic cousin...

DIRECTOR Matthew Vaughn STARRING Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong ETA 29 January
EVERYONE KNOWS THAT TARANTINO wants to make a Bond movie - he’s certainly told us enough times - and we can probably all imagine how he’d twist the formula to make it the funniest, coolest, most violent Bond movie ever made. But should QT ever get his wish, it’s hard to see how he could make a movie to outstrip Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Not that this latest from the Kick-Ass team of Matthew Vaughn, Mark Millar and Jane Goldman is a Bond film, of course. It is, though, a nod to the franchise’s vintage years, back when it revelled in gadgets, gags and OTT villains with a penchant for elaborate lairs.

Colin Firth looks killer as Harry Hart, a superspy in a bespoke suit who plucks Cary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin (Taron Egerton) from a council estate and enters him on a training program to qualify for the titular league of gentlemen agents. Does he have what it takes? And can he complete his Pygmalion-with-guns makeover before megalomaniac Valentine (Sam Jackson) takes over the planet?

Looking lithe on set after months of fight training, Firth recalls how he grew up with Bond movies. “I loved when the credits started and the music kicked in,” he smiles.

“The gadgets, the suaveness, the confidence... all of it.”

Now 54, Firth confesses that his inner kid clicked with Vaughn’s inner kid while making Kingsman: The Secret Service. “Matthew’s this wonderful mixture of savvy, sophistication and maturity,” he says. “He knows exactly how he wants to be entertained. ‘Do you like explosions? Well, wait until you see this explosion! Do you like spies silhouetted in a cool suit?

Well, we’re really going to go for that.’ He loves the cars, the aeroplanes, the glasses, the cigarette lighters, the jackets, the shirts, the shoes.”

Chances are, you will too.

[Source: Total Film, February 2015 Issue 228. P.72-73. Copyright © 2015 Future Publishing Limited. All rights reserved.]

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