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James Bond Living Daylights Read-along Book and Tape

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descriptionI was 12 years old when Timothy Dalton made his debut as James Bond, the perfect age really. Right after I saw the movie, I went out and bought all the James Bond stuff I could find (and afford). That included Sally Hibbin's Official James Bond Movie Book, the over-sized official Poster book and this Read-along book and tape. By 1988, I had the movie on VHS and while I continued to read and re-read the official movie book, I no longer really needed the book and tape and had not listened to it again until now. I could have sworn that it had included some snippets (sound effects, music and dialog) taken directly from the film, but that was just my memory playing tricks on me. It DOES however include sound effects and music, and the cast does pretty well with the accents:

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Sadly, side 1 of the tape was not in the best condition. I recorded it four times and this one is the only version that was at all usable. Side 2 was fine though

Download this file (Right click the link and choose 'Save Target As...')

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07 Living Daylights book tape   08 Living Daylights book tape   09 Living Daylights book tape   10 Living Daylights book tape   11 Living Daylights book tape   12 Living Daylights book tape  
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25 Living Daylights book tape   26 Living Daylights book tape   27 Living Daylights book tape   28 Living Daylights book tape  

James Bond 007 The Living DaylightsThe Living Daylights

The Rainbow Theatre Presents


The Living DaylightsThe Living Daylights

When you hear this..... turn the page. Let’s begin now.
Adapted from the film (not original cast and music)





The Living DaylightsThe Living Daylights


Additional songs performed by The Pretenders Title song performed by a-ha


Gun Logo Symbol © Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Company 1962 © 1987 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Company. All rights reserved. Distributed by MGM/UA Distribution Co.

Top Secret Report!

Code name, ‘The Living DaylightsThe Living Daylights’!

From agent 007, Bond, James; of Her Majesty’s Secret Service!

At the conference with ‘M’ and the Minister of Defence, it was I who was put on the defensive. ‘M’ wasn’t very happy.

“Two dead, two in hospital, and Koskov probably back in Moscow, or dead by now.”

The Minister nodded.

“We’re the laughing stock of the intelligence community. Our first major coup in years, Koskov, was snatched from right under our noses by the KGB only hours after he defected.” When the minister had left, I glanced at ‘M'.

“No trace of Koskov?”

“Nothing. He’s disappeared. Then there’s that Pushkin matter that Koskov just had time to tell us about. One of the top men in the KGB trying to sabotage good relations between Russia and the West by assassinating all British and American agents.”

“The ‘Smiert Spionem’ programme?”

“Yes. ‘Death to Spies’. We must nip it in the bud, 007. General Pushkin must be terminated.”

“This plot to kill agents seems far-fetched, sir. I know General Pushkin. I can’t believe he’s psychotic.”

“Neither did I until this note arrived from Gibraltar. Found near 004’s body.”

“Your name’s on Pushkin’s list too. So Koskov told us.”

“I’d like to check out a few things, sir. When we got a Koskov

out of Bratislava there was something not quite right about the sniper who tried to kill him.”

“Yes. I’ve read Saunders’ report. You jeopardized the entire mission to avoid shooting a beautiful girl.”

“Not exactly sir. I had to make a split second decision.”

I didn’t tell ‘M’ that I had watched the girl earlier, playing the ’cello at a concert at the Bratislava Conservatoire.

I returned to Bratislava to find her and saw her picked up by the KGB as she got off a trolley bus - leaving her ’cello case aboard! I took the case and found a quiet place to look inside. No ’cello - but a snipers’s rifle! Loaded with blanks! I was waiting for the young lady - named Kara by the way - when she got back to her appartment.

“Don’t be alarmed. I dropped the rifle in the river.”

“Who are you?”

“Call me James. I heard you play in the Mozart D minor yesterday. It was exquisite. I followed you. I saw what happened on the bus.”

“I don’t understand. Why are you trying to help me?”

“I recognised the man who arrested you. What did Pushkin ask you? Was it about Georgi Koskov?”

“You’re a friend of his?”

“We’ve been through a lot together.”

“Pushkin wants to know where he is.”

“Interesting. Did he say he defected?”

“Only that he disappeared.”

“It was very clever of Georgi, giving you blanks to fire. To make his defection look good to the British. He told me about it.”

He hadn’t of course. And it was obvious that it wasn’t the KGB who grabbed him in England. Kara was smiling.

“Dear Georgi. He kept his promise to send for me. Are you taking me to London?”

“Not yet. We must catch up with him in Vienna. Tonight. Before they pick you up again.”

“But they are watching the house.”

“We’ll manage.”

We left in the Aston Martin, Kara insisting that we pick up her ’cello from the Conservatoire first.

The delay allowed a police car to catch up with us. As it came alongside, I fired the special laser which sliced along its side.

Then I braked hard. When the police car braked, its chassis stopped but the body kept going. And so did we!

Kara looked amazed.

“What happened?”

“Salt corrosion.”

The alarm was out and we soon came upon a road block which a well aimed rocket quickly put paid to.

We were fired on but the bullet-proof windows stood up well to the onslaught and I took a detour across a frozen lake. One of the tyres was not so durable as the windows and we were driving on the wheel rim. I steered in a tight circle making the rim bite into the ice.

Then on again. The pursuing car drove onto the circle cut in the ice and sank into the water!

On the other side of the lake we were confronted by a fence manned by armed soldiers. I operated the controls to flip down the rear lights of the car revealing the special rocket motors which propelled the car up and over the fence into the wood beyond. We skidded along on the snow but finally crashed into an outcrop of rocks.

We got out of the car as our pursuers approached through the trees. Kara eyed them miserably.

“We almost made it.”

“I’m glad I insisted you take the ’cello!”

I set the self-destruct switch on the car.

Then, using the ’cello case as a sledge, we slid down the slope, past the solders and over the border to safety.

In Vienna we went to the opera where I’d arranged a meeting with Saunders.

“Isn’t she the KGB sniper?”

“She’s not a sniper. She’s Koskov’s girl friend.”

“I hear the KGB’s snatched him back.”

“That’s what we’re supposed to think. I’m sure he arranged it himself. Kara’s told me he bought her a very expensive ’cello. Where would he get that kind of money?.”

Saunders organised a false passport for Kara and I met him later in a restaurant to pick it up.

“Got some info on the ’cello, James. It was sold for $150,000 to Brad Whitaker?”

“The arms dealer. Whitaker and Koskov. Friends or partners! Where is Whitaker?”

“At his place in Tangier.”

Saunders left the restaurant ahead of me.

He was killed as the doors exploded. A child’s balloon floated close by. On it was written, ‘Smiert Spionem’.

I noticed General Pushkin driving past and followed him to his hotel, surprising him later in his room.

“I take it this is not a social call, 007?”

“‘Smiert Spionem”, Pushkin!”

“Smiert Spionem was de-activated twenty years ago.” “Where’s Koskov?”

“He disappeared last week. I was about to arrest him for /    mis-using State funds.”

Pushkin gave a secret signal to a guard but, after a struggle, I overpowered him and turned his gun on Pushkin.

“You’re a professional, Bond. You don’t kill without reason.” “Two man are dead. Koskov named you. Why should I disobey my orders?”

“I’m as much in the dark as you are. It comes down to trust. Who do you believe? Koskov or me?”

“If I believed Koskov, we wouldn’t be talking. But as long as you’re alive, neither of us will know what he’s up to.”

Pushkin had to address a Trade Conference and as he stepped forward to make his speech,I fired at him from the balcony.

Perfect accuracy. He fell, blood at his mouth and chest. I made my escape. Everyone thought that Pushkin was dead, including Whitaker and Koskov. But it was a trick. Pushkin was wearing a bullet-proof vest with a plastic bag of blood under his shirt. If Koskov thought I had killed Pushkin, he would assume I believed his story.

I called on Kara in her hotel room. She mixed me a drink.

“Did I get it right?”

“Perfect. Kara, it’s time I told you the truth. Koskov fooled everyone. The Russians, the British. You, Kara.”

“Liar. I telephoned Whitaker. Georgi was there. He told me the truth. You’re a KGB agent using me to find him and kill him.”

I began to feel dizzy. The drink was drugged.

“Courtesy of Georgi Koskov?”

“To make you sleep, he said.”

I came to on a plane in flight, handcuffed to the arm-rest of my seat. Beside me was a container labelled ‘Human Transplant Organ’. Kara was on the plane too. She came close and whispered:

“I’ve been such a fool.”

“We all were. Can you undo the clasp on that container?”

“I think so. Yes. Oh! It’s a heart! In ice.”

“It’s not human. And that’s not ice. It’s diamonds!”

We got the container closed before Koskov approached.

“I’m curious, Koskov. Why am I still alive?”

“I am not barbarous, James. I am taking you to proper Soviet authorities for killing of General Pushkin.”

We landed in Afghanistan and Kara and I were put into the cell block at the Russian Air Base.But I managed to use one of ‘Q’s clever devices - a key ring which released a cloud of stun gas - to overpower the guards.

Kara gave me a hug. Very pleasant.

“You were fantastic. We’re free.”

“Kara, we’re in Afghanistan in the middle of a Russian Air Base!”

I locked the guards in a cell, gave the keys to an Afghan prisoner to release himself, and we made our escape from the building.

In the open we were attacked by a fierce looking band of Afghans but fortunately for us the man we had helped get away was their leader.

“I am Kamran Khan, Deputy Commander of the Eastern District of the Mujaheddin. Who are you?”

“James Bond. I work for the British Government.”

I discovered that the diamonds Koskov had smuggled in were obtained with the money that he had misappropriated from the Russians and were to be exchanged for vast quantities of opium. Whitaker and Koskov would make an enormous profit.

Disguised as an Afghan, I helped load the bags of opium aboard a plane at the Air Base. Then I set an explosive charge amongst it to destroy it in flight. As I was about to get off the plane, I was spotted by Koskov and one of his henchmen. There was nothing for it but to stay on the plane and take off.

At that moment, the Afghan freedom fighters burst through the perimeter fence and a great fire-fight developed. Kara was with them. She took a jeep and I beckoned her to follow after my plane which taxied along the runway. I lowered the loading ramp at the back of the plane and Kara drove up it into the body of the aircraft. She joined me in the cockpit and took the co-pilot’s seat. I got the plane off the ground and turned towards her.

“Take the controls.”

“I’ve never flown.”

“Just pretend it’s a car.”

I went back to the hold to de-activate the explosive I had set, but somehow Koskov’s henchmen had got aboard.

In the fight that ensued the cargo net holding the opium bags came adrift and billowed out behind the plane taking me and my adversary with it.

We clung on for dear life. My opponent tried to stab me, slipped and grabbed at my shoe to save himself. The shoe came off and fell with him to the ground far below. I managed to get back aboard and defused the explosive just in time.

We flew on until the fuel gave out.

“There’s nowhere to land over these mountains. Get into the jeep, Kara!”

I joined her and jettisoned the vehicle supported by three cargo parachutes.

Gently, we floated down to safety close to a mountain road. “What does that signpost say?”

“Karachi, 200 kilometers.”

“I know a great restaurant there. We can just make dinner.”

Later, in Tangier, I caught up with Koskov and Whitaker. Whitaker I dealt with, using another of ‘Q’s explosive little gadgets, but I was in danger from one of his men. Fortunately Pushkin arrived and shot him.

“I owed you that, 007.”

Koskov saw a chance of escape.

“Thank God you’re here, General Pushkin. How can I thank you for rescuing me?”

“Put him on the next plane for Moscow.”

“Thank you, general, thank you!”

“In the diplomatic bag!”

Pushkin’s men hustled Koskov away.

“What about Kara?”

They allowed her to stay in the West and she realised her ambition to play at a big concert in Vienna. She looked surprised when she found me in her dressing-room afterwards.


“You didn’t think I’d miss this performance, did you?”

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