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29. May 2015 06:15
by m

New Bond Film Spectre and The Case Of 'View To A Peerage'

29. May 2015 06:15 by m | 0 Comments

Almost as incongruous as those James Bond comics from India, this newspaper article from Eastern Eye ("Britain's number one Asian weekly newspaper") seems to come out of nowhere and then just stops without warning. I checked the rest of the paper, this is all there was! Apart from the Monica Bellucci casting in SpectreSpectre, I'm pretty sure they made the rest of it up. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Eastern Eye newspaper article on the James Bond Spectre and an unknown novel with a Bond Girl from India

Ian Fleming and his unknown desi novel.

New Bond Film SpectreSpectre And The Case Of "View To A Peerage'

THE story so far:

Monica Bellucci may be 50, but is surely the most voluptuous of the Bond “girls”. Recognising her talents, the late Jagmohan Mundhra had lined her up to play Sonia Gandhi and even got her to read his script when Bellucci was on the Cannes jury in 2006. But, alas, his pet project was not to be. Now destiny has decreed that Bellucci will play Lucia Sciarra in the 24th Bond movie, SpectreSpectre, which will be released in November 2015.

Since Ian Fleming wrote only 12 novels and two collections of short stories featuring 007, most of the Bond movies are based on made-up stories. But a Fleming manuscript for a 13th novel was discovered last week in the library of the India Club at 143, Strand, where the author would often share a dosa with Krishna Menon.

Eastern Eye has had first sight of the novel and is publishing an extract from View to a Peerage. Now read on:

“Dammit,” said Bond, irritated with himself. He didn’t consider himself a womaniser but there had been women in his life before - Honey Ryder, Tatiana Romanova, Pussy Galore, Plenty O’Toole, Mary Goodnight and Holly Goodhead, to mention but a few. But Raima Patel, whom he had met at an Asian Rich List dinner, was different. Born in Belsize Park, she was the daughter of a Gujarati cash & carry king and a Bengali chartered accountant.

“No James,” she whispered, running her fingers over his Walther PPK. “Not until you have shown me your tax returns.”

Photo: TALENT: Monica Bellucci; and (below, from left) actors Lea Seydoux, Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci announce the new Bond film SpectreSpectre

One thing and another, Bond hadn’t done them for 10 years. He reached for his third mango lassi of the morning, available 2 for 1 through Sun Mark, and settled down to go through a mountain of receipts in a hundred different currencies. Just then the red telephone went. It was M.

Half an hour later, squeezing past Miss Moneypenny, Bond stood before M.

“Take that supercilious look off your face, 007,” said M curtly. “The code name is ‘Peerage -Asian Peerage.’ There is a Mr Big in Southall who is collecting millions by promising Asian businessmen peerages but passing the funds on to SpectreSpectre.

“The only clue we have is that he wears a clip-on bow tie and is high up on the Rich List. Find him, 007, but don’t eliminate him. The PM wants him handed over to RAW.”

Diwali firecrackers were lighting up the night sky as Bond’s Aston Martin raced down the A40. Raima would have to wait.

[Source: Eastern Eye. 12/12/2014, Issue 1281, p9. © Copyright 2014 Asian Media & Marketing Group.]

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