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17. September 2015 12:34
by m

1996 BMW Z3 James Bond Edition

17. September 2015 12:34 by m | 0 Comments

Earlier this week we compiled a list of some of the best and worst of James Bond's cars. The BMW Z3 from GoldeneyeGoldeneye is on the bottom of that list, although this is not because it is a bad car, it made the bottom of the list because of how it was used on screen. With only two minutes of screen time it made little more than a cameo appearance and was clearly only there as product placement advertizing for BMW. Interestingly enough, right after I published that article, I spotted this in the current edition of Automobile Magazine:

1996 BMW Z3 James Bond Edition Sold at $24,200

S/N 4USCH7325TLE00762
BOND BLUE GRAY OVER taupe leather interior with tan cloth top. 114-hp, DOHC, 1.8-liter inline-four; fivespeed manual transmission. Less than 6,000 miles on the odometer. Excellent paint and chrome; wellmaintained leather seat upholstery and wood dash trim. Fully equipped with air-conditioning, power seats, custom floormats, a trunk-mounted CD changer, and even a luggage rack. The previous collector clearly cared for this car.


Just how many cars are ever offered through a department store catalog?

Actually, Neiman Marcus has become quite famous for doing this, and among the “fantasy” gifts presented in its 1995 Christmas Wish List was this limitededition, $35,000 BMW Z3. This car is the 62nd of 100 built and then sold exclusively through the Texasbased store. Produced at BMW’s then-new assembly plant in South Carolina, the Z3 was the first American-made BMW and became a sales success. Still, many dismissed the roadster, though it was based on the popular E36 version of the BMW 3 Series sedan. Like so many collectibles before and since, the Z3 was under - cut by a lack of performance. This car has been rehabilitated in recent years thanks to the availability of go-fast goodies, and now Gen Y males are keen to spend big dollars on the Z3. At a certain point, almost every collector car finds equilibrium, and often it’s not with the same group of people for which it was originally intended. With the price of the similarly styled, Henrik Fisker-designed 1999-2003 BMW Z8 exceeding $100,000, the Joji Nagashimadesigned Z3 gives you one-quarter of the car for one-quarter of the price, especially when it comes with a story like this particular James Bond Edition inspired by the film “GoldeneyeGoldeneye.”

[Source: Automobile Magazine, October 2015, Vol. 30 No.7. P.96. Copyright © 2015 by TEN: The Enthusiast Network Magazines, LLC. All rights reserved.]

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