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28. October 2015 16:26
by Moneypenny

James Bond at the Casino

28. October 2015 16:26 by Moneypenny | 0 Comments

James Bond is well known for his extravagant lifestyle. When 007 isn’t pulling off a HALO jump or a high speed boat chase, he can usually be found in a dapper suit at a local casino, playing a few rounds of poker, baccarat or even backgammon at a casino in India in OctopussyOctopussy. It’s not uncommon to see Bond holding all the cards in these games, as it were, but that’s mostly because he has some very clear favourites he likes to stick to. We all know how Bond drinks a vodka martini, for instance. The question is, how different would Bond be if he were to step out of his comfort zone and play other casino games every once in a while?

Does Bond even have a comfort zone he can actually step out of? James Bond is the greatest gambler M16 has ever known – we’ve seen Bond as a master of poker in Casino RoyaleCasino Royale, and we saw him nonchalantly playing Craps in Diamonds Are ForeverDiamonds Are Forever. He even has his own roulette strategy. One thing we are yet to see, however, is the sight of Bond dropping coins in a slot machine, although Q was certainly enjoying himself at the slots in Diamonds Are ForeverDiamonds Are Forever.

It’s a little odd, picturing the most skilled agent MI6 has to offer, trying his hand at something as entirely luck based as a slot machine. There’s no doubt whatsoever that 007 knows how to play online slots, and we don’t doubt that he somehow has the Midas Touch when it comes to physical machines. By ‘Midas Touch’, what we really mean is ‘wacky gadget’. In reality there is no way to affect the outcome of a spin – thanks to the use of a random number generator the results of a spin are decided the moment you commit to the play. However, this is a universe in which you can kill someone by painting their skin with gold so science is generally taken with a helping of salt. The chances are that if we were to see Bond playing the slots it would simply be as a diversion, dropping coins until it’s time to make a move. Bond would place an innocuous packet of cigarettes (provided by Q) on the machine and hit a secret button to scramble the machine’s random number generator. Millions of dollars’ worth of quarters would pour onto the casino floor in the ensuing chaos, Bond would slip away to apprehend his target.

Another game we’re yet to see Bond play which he would simply excel at is three card brag. Brag is a simple game where you basically have to out-bluff your opponents in order to win. If there is any a player who doesn’t need a poker face to be an incredible bluffer, it’s Bond. You can easily see Bond throwing chips into the middle of the table, without a care in the world, winning hand after hand after hand, purely to upset his target and force his next move.

When it comes to casino games, there’s no doubting that James Bond would be winning from the moment he sat down, whether he’s playing the slots, blackjack, baccarat or anything else. Bond brings such a suave sense of sophistication to the casino that there’s no doubt he has encyclopedic knowledge of every game in there. With his prodigious luck and unrivalled skill, there’s no doubt in mind that watching him play would be a genuine treat, no matter what the game.

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