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30. November 2015 14:30
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James Bond Boats

30. November 2015 14:30 by m | 0 Comments

James Bond BoatsWhile he’s usually gripping the wheel of a gadget-stocked sports car, James Bond is no stranger to the world of watercraft. Over the course of 23 movies, Agent 007 has had his fair share of adventure on, below and sometimes even soaring above the water. From the famous chase scene through the Louisiana marshes in 1973’s Live And Let DieLive And Let Die to the romantic sail through the canals of Venice in 2006’s Casino RoyaleCasino Royale, Bond knows boating, and how to do it in style.

With this in mind, The Moorings Yacht Charters is proud to present “Live and Let Sail”, a vintage-themed slideshow showcasing eight of their favorite vessels from this iconic spy series. Click through to learn about classic Bond boats like the Glastron GT-150, which set a Guinness World Record with a record breaking 120-foot jump; the classic Spirit Yacht, the only one of its kind to sail through Venice’s Grand Canal in 300 years; and his most recent, the super yacht Regina, which was featured in 2012’s SkyfallSkyfall.

[Text and slide show produced by The Moorings, reproduced here with their permission]

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