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21. January 2016 11:49
by Moneypenny

Is it time for a 007 Slot Game?

21. January 2016 11:49 by Moneypenny | 0 Comments

There is not much room for debate, really. James Bond is about as recognisable a part of the mainstream public imagination as you could ask for. Last December, there was barely a bus or billboard that wasn’t splashed with images from SpectreSpectre.

Since Dr. NoDr. No debuted as the first film in the franchise back in the 1962, brand Bond has slowly but surely reached all corners of the globe. There can only be the most determined hermits who could claim not to know what 007 signifies.

And it is on the basis of that universal recognition that it is surely impossible to argue against promoting Bond to the level of cinematic merchandising that is the hallmark of the truly iconic. Although the franchise has been quick to cash in on other areas, to date there has never been a Bond-themed slot game.

A strange anomaly

This is a strange anomaly in an otherwise magnificently well-engineered brand building exercise.

The natural tie in with Bond’s time honoured love of casino and gambling settings, not to mention the twists and turns that are part and parcel of a Bond film every bit as much as a well-constructed game, ought to make it the first rather than amongst the last of the great crossovers.

A quick glance at the wealth of cinematic representation among the selection of 32Red slots, for example, shows just how Hollywood’s great and good have been honoured in this way.

If the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, Batman’s Dark Knight and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator 2 are worthy of a place amongst the celebratory list of over 230 games offered by 32Red - just as they are on equivalent sites such as and - then on what possible basis should Bond be omitted? Arguably, he is an even better option for inclusion than those already mentioned.

A perfect fit

With a huge cast list of villains and voluptuous co-stars, not to mention the various technological motifs that are such a feature of the films, the Bond catalogue represents the perfect resource for anyone looking to add a certain spice to their gaming entertainment. And, of course, there is the little matter of Bond’s own penchant for playing for high stakes.

The tone was set from the outset. As early as Dr. NoDr. No, Sean Connery was all-too suavely at home in the plush surroundings of a high rolling casino table. And it is precisely that aspirational, extravagant appeal that makes Bond such a perfect fit for what is one of the fastest growing sectors of the entertainment industry. Everybody dreams of breaking the bank, even if they are only playing for pennies.

It may have taken the small matter of 54 years but the time has surely arrived when Bond can finally make the leap from the cinema screen to the spinning wheels of an online slots game. Their super slick electronic delivery is the perfect incarnation of a character who, throughout his long and memorable career, has always been one sure step ahead of the technological trend.

Edit 3/31/2016: As it turns out, there has been at least one James Bond 007 slot machine, made by takasago:

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