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Moonraker: "JAWS" James Bond's Enemy Returns!

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Caution, bad puns ahead...

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JAWS OF MoonrakerMoonraker

Will Richard "Kiel" James Bond?

7 formidable feet. Plus two inches. And a pair of steel teeth that “Bruce” would love to have for Christmas!

That describes Richard Kiel, the evil character who made such a hit in the last James Bond thriller that he’s back to play the killer with the cast-iron choppers in MoonrakerMoonraker, the new Bondshell in which the sky’s the limit.

Correction: the sky’s no limit. Space is. And in the space of a couple hours James Bond is on a very uneven Kiel as Richard the Iron-Hearted (and metallic jawed) bites & chomps his way thru Bond Land.

What can Richard be trying to tell Jim?

That he is intent on becoming World Chomp-ion?





Jaws 3? You didn’t hear about the new jaws? Well, he’s not the man-eating shark of movie fame but he’s just as deadly.

It seems that all movie heroes have to contend with a very important obstacle in their careers and that’s the anti-hero.

In this case it’s actor Richard Kiel as the steel-mouthed Jaws in the new James Bond thriller MoonrakerMoonraker.

Kiel is an enormous man weighing a little over 300 pounds. Standing next to Roger Moore as James Bond makes Moore, who is a rather large man himself, look like a midget.

Richard Kiel is a giant of a man no matter how you look at it.

Photo: "When they offered me a hit part I never dreamed what I’d be roped into!"

For Bond fans following the series from the first Dr. NoDr. No up until now, you will remember that Jaws appeared in another film, The Spy Who Loved MeThe Spy Who Loved Me. He was so popular that Albert Broccoli decided to bring him back in this newest Bond venture.

Not surprisingly, fan mail has been pouring into the studio at an incredible rate and all addressed to Richard Kiel!

The movie was still in production and fans had heard that their idol would be coming back. That’s when the letters started coming in.

kiel's other characters

In between the Bond epics, Kiel has been quite busy. He was signed to do 2 pictures, now completed and ready for release in most areas.

In one he played a bearded Captain in FORCE 10 FROM NAVARONE and in the other he was a space commander in THE HUMANOID, an Italian sci-fic pic. Kiel also enjoyed recognition in films like THE HUMAN DUPLICATORS and the more recent SILVER STREAK. On TV you saw him in shows like GILLIGAN’S ISLAND & I SPY with Robert Culp & Bill Cosby.

criminal comeback

It’s often hard to bring a criminal back to the screen after one successful showing in a feature film. But they’ve done it and Jaws is more evident than ever.

Bond has enough trouble on his hands facing the diabolical dangers of his latest foe and Jaws is not helping matters in the least.

In the past super-secret agent James Bond has dealt with every conceivable villain.

Most of them were well-versed in radioactive materials & destruction. All of them had plans to destroy the world, or parts thereof.

There were few exceptions.

Photo: The Paws of “Jaws” cause loss of oxygen in breath-taking scene.
Photo: James Bond & “Jaws” Kiel relax during shooting (and there’s plenty of that!) in MoonrakerMoonraker.

GoldfingerGoldfinger used some stolen atomic bombs in its plot but the real purpose of the deranged criminal was to steal gold... From Fort Knox! Obsessed by gold fever, Auric GoldfingerGoldfinger went thru with his plans but Bond saved the gold & the world in a last second effort which pitted him against the deadly Oddjob.

Oddjob, you may recall, wore a most unusual hat fitted with a steel rim. Tossing it like some metallic frisbee, Oddjob could strike a man from many yards away, killing him instantly.

Photo: Jaws” takes the Pause that Refreshes?

moore menace

But thru the trials & tribulations Bond faced, he always managed to come out alive.

Even The Man With The Golden GunThe Man With The Golden Gun (Christopher Lee) could not kill Bond, who outwitted him in the hall of mirrors. But Bond found quite a fight coming from tiny Herve Villechaize, who has since taken up residence on TV’s Fantasy island.

Now Bond faces his toughest challenge.

Finding himself aboard a shuttle launched into Space, Bond must fight not only the enemy aboard the space station but Jaws as well.

And Jaws is no easy task!

Richard Kiel’s hand can fit easily over Roger Moore’s entire head!

Kiel’s arms reach nearly twice as far as Moore’s and he wears a size 16 shoe!

Plus—as if his size weren’t enough—he is fitted with a set of steel choppers!

Not easily obtainable from your local dentist.

Those mighty Jaws can snap a man’s finger off—or worse.

And mere punches to the face or stomach aren’t enough to stop the power & brute force of the towering, glowering Richard Kiel.

Bond must use all his wits to stay alive. And when the time comes for the two to face each from Jaws’ boss who would like Mr. Bond to remain alive—

Just a while longer.

will jaws snap back?

One has to wonder if they will find a way to bring back Jaws for another Bond film.

If so, how will James Bond handle this nex-time?

They’re bringing back Darth Vader for the next STAR WARS epic and they certainly brought back the Frankenstein monster plenty times. So who can say?

MoonrakerMoonraker takes Bond all around the world, heading for exotic locations in some of the most beautiful spots on the globe.

And watching him every step of the way is Jaws.

And when Jaws doesn’t like what he sees he lets you know it!

There’s a time in the movie when Jaws nearly kills Bond in a hair-raising fight aboard a traveling ski lift but the British agent manages to escape the grip—or bite—of death, at least for the time being.

What the aquatic JAWS was to the sea, this land Jaws is tp the inhabitants of dry land!

Beware the Jaws that Saws!


[Source: Famous Monsters #157, September 1979, P1, 31-35. Copyright © 1979 Warren Publishing Co. All rights reserved.]

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