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James Bond Jr for NES

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James Bond Jr. is a fictional character described as the nephew of Ian Fleming’s masterspy, James Bond - 007. The name was first used in 1967 for a spinoff novel entitled The Adventures of James Bond Junior 003½ written by the pseudonymous R. D. Mascott. The idea of Bond having a nephew was used again in 1991 in an American animated series for television, in which the title character defeats threats to ensure the safety of the free world. The series was mildly successful, spawning a six-volume novelization series by John Peel (writing as John Vincent), a 12-issue comic book series by Marvel Comics published in 1992, and video games developed by Eurocom and published by THQ for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super NES. 

Play the 1991 NES version below. If you have (or can make) a better quality scan of the manual, please let us know!

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