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30. October 2016 09:44
by m

Who will be the next James Bond?

30. October 2016 09:44 by m | 0 Comments

Over the last few months, there has been much speculation over who might replace Daniel Craig as James Bond. Now it sounds as if he may return for at least one more film, but, like those who came before him, Daniel Craig cannot play Bond forever. I've always believed that Craig's comment that he would "rather slash his wrists" than play James Bond again, was taken out of context and given more weight than it deserved. Craig strikes me as a very private man - much like Sean Connery - and being James Bond makes it impossible to lead a normal life. Add to that, the months long press junket that accompanies the release of each new film, in which the star would have to answer the same questions again and again and again by journalists all over the world, and it is easy to see how he might explode and say something like that.

But this article isn't actually about who will replace Daniel Craig as James Bond. This article is about who would replace Pierce Brosnan, and it dates from March 2005. Back then, there was no Twitter, and Facebook was only a year old, so the whole social media circus hadn't yet really become a thing, which made the speculation about a new 007 much more low key. In fact, I don't recall doubting that Brosnan would return for another one at the time, and with the usual 2-3 year gap between films already elapsed, if anybody was wondering about Bond it was probably "will James Bond return at all?"

It will come as no surprise to see that Daniel Craig was not on their list of potential 007s, though in the wake of all the recent cries that "James Bond should be a woman", "James Bond should be black" it is interesting to note that Colin Salmon (who played Chief of Staff Charles Robinson in Tomorrow Never DiesTomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not EnoughThe World Is Not Enough and Die Another DayDie Another Day) and asian action star Chow Yun Fat did make the list, suggesting that even then there were those who believed Bond didn't have to be a white guy, though nobody was suggesting he should be a woman, (or blond!).


Last fall the producers of the James Bond series decided it was time to revoke Pierce Brosnan's Licence To KillLicence To Kill. The search began immediately for the next 007. With a new Bond film scheduled to begin shooting this year, and other bookmakers offered odds on who would fill the role formerly occupied by Sean Cannery et al. Ewan McGregor was the favorite until an Internet rumor sparked fervent betting that Colin Salmon, Brosnan's costar in Die Another DayDie Another Day, would be cast as the first black Bond. Here are the latest odds on the next Bond.

13 to 4 Colin Salmon. Speculation arose when he signed a photo "007."

4 to 1 Ewan McGregor. The Scottish hunk's chances took a hit when he signed on to play Sky Masterson in a spring production of Guys and Dolls in London.

9 to 2 Christian Bale. Already cast as the next Batman. Could he handle a second billion-dollar movie franchise?

9 to 1 Colin Farrell. Farrell's louche portrayal of Alexander in Oliver Stone's 2004 biopic might hurt his chances.

11 to 1 Orlando Bloom. Lord of the Rings made him a bona fide action hero. Still, a twentysomething Bond?

11 to 1 Jude Law. Could be the bestlooking Bond yet-but can he throw a punch?

21 to 1 Rupert Everett. Are the red states ready for Madonna's pal as the first gay Bond? Bettors say no.

29 to 1 Chow Yun Fat. An Asian Bond would sell a lot of tickets-but the global box office for Bond films is already out of this world.

41 to 1 Tom Cruise. The diminutive Scientologist might be tired of international intrigue-his Mission: Impossible III is also due for 2006 release.

501 to 1 Colin Powell. Recently said that Bond's famous gadgets are "interesting." A clue to his post-Bush plans?


By John Sellers

[Source:  Atlantic. Mar2005, Vol. 295 Issue 2, p44. Copyright © 2005 Atlantic Media Company. All rights reserved.]

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