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Stuff Magazine James Bond Skyfall Cover, November 2012

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Bond is Back. The super spy returns - and he's carrying an arsenal of gadgets courtesy of a shiny new Q.

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Bond is Back

Fifty years since his big-screen debut, James Bond returns in SkyfallSkyfall. But 007 isn't the only one making a triumphant return: the greatest Bond car ever is back, as is gadgetmeister Q. Bond faces his most tech-savvy villain yet - but this old spy has learned plenty of new tricks...


Everybody wants to be 007, but we all know it's as much about the gear as the glory...


Q (that’s short for Quartermaster, FYI) returns to Bond in SkyfallSkyfall. This time around he's played by British up-and-comer Ben Whishaw, who gives us the iowdown on a Bond gadget icon

• Q is a computer genius

"He's obviously a much younger man than in previous Bond films. He's inspired by people like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey - people who have become incredibly powerful in their own ways over the past decade. The Quartermaster is traditionally an army colonel and now it's this boy with a laptop under his arm, which isn't what Bond's expecting, so he really has to win him over."

• Q comes into his own in SkyfallSkyfall

"The villain is also a hacker, so Q meets his match. He doesn't just deliver the gadget and disappear; he's tested more than that. Bond really raises an eyebrow when introduced to Q because Q has a position of authority in this world that Bond isn't trained in. Q's function is always as a counterpoint and contrast to Bond, either because he's older or, in SkyfallSkyfall, much younger. He's the brains, Bond is the brawn. They're different kinds of brilliance."

• The gadgets aren't about spectacle

"It's more about realism. Apart from the gun that's coded to Bond's palm print, there aren't that many gadgets in the film. The writers have tried to find the humour in t hat; it's about how much he can do wit h his laptop. There's a tiny radio, but the idea is that it's disappointing. Bond expects something impressive and gets given this radio the size of a postage stamp. There is still a streak of comedy in Q's interaction with Bond, but he's not entirely ridiculous."

• I don't know much about hacking

"Very few people do -I suppose that's the point. I don't have a very technical brain. We had a man to design the graphics for all the hacking Q does, and John Logan consulted him during the writing process. I didn't really feel the need to swot up. I think I'm geeky enough in my own way. Day to day, I use an iPhone and an iPad, but t hat's about it. They just do the job simply and efficiently."

"Q has a position of authority in this world Bond isn't trained in... he's the brains, Bond's the brawn"


Sony has provided Bond’s phone for every Daniel Craig-era film so far, Now the Japanese giant is dialling 007 again to furnish MI6’s finest with the Xperia T. But is this handset worthy to serve on Her Majesty’s Secret Service?

Stuff says Looks a decent all-rounder, but Bond’s Xperia T could be a little bit deadlier

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SkyfallSkyfall's villain isn't a cat-stroking, volcano-dwelling madman; he's the brainiac cyber-terrorist Raoul Silva, played by Javier Bandem, Learn to protect yourself from such nefarious nerds,


£poa | To protect the contents of its highly infamous servers, Wikileaks keeps them stored in a nukeproof, Blofeld-esque lair located 30m beneath the streets of Stockholm, With around-the-clock security, this is easily one of the safest places in the world to store your data.

from £free I Remember the self-destructing tapes in Mission: Impossible? allows you to send encrypted digital messages from its website or via iOS or Android app. Once the message is viewed, it's destroyed, meaning you can send sensitive info safely. Or just pretend you're Ethan Hunt.

1 Sandboxie

from €131 Like having a quarantine zone on your hard drive. Install and run programs from this digital isolation chamber, and they won’t be able to access the rest of your hard drive - thus preventing malicious tampering by rogue software and keeping viruses contained.


£free | These days, rifling through a person's bins isn’t the only way to steal their identity— your phone contains all manner of personal information, Available for both Android and iOS, Lookout protects you and your phone against dodgy Wi-Fi networks, malware and phishing attacks.


from£free| Give HackNotifier your email address and it warns you if any databases containing your contact details are compromised. That might feel like shutting the gate after the Trojan horse has bolted, but it means you can change your login details before it's too late.

Tripleton Enigma E2

£13201 If you want to protect yourself from the prying ears of foreign spies or tabloid newspapers, the Tripleton Enigma E2 has a button that activates onboard military-grade encryption when making calls to other E2s - although it does look like a budget Sony Ericsson circa 2007.


He’s got a Licence To KillLicence To Kill, and the firepower to do it. Meet the gun k that’s for Bond’s hands only.


What is it?

It's the same trusty pistol that 007 has been using to pop caps into baddies since Ian Fleming's 1958 novel Dr. NoDr. No. ('PP' stands for 'Police Pistol' because it's reliable and concealable, like a ninja Morse). This time Q has given the PPK a distinctly futuristic upgrade: thanks to pa Imprint recognition tech, Bond's shooter only works while in his grasp.

Would it really work?

"Fingerprint readers look at the minutiaeof a finger, but hand-recognition tech uses two cameras to take an image of the whole hand," says Jon Busby of Human Recognition Systems, which supplied the biometric curity at the London 2012 Olympics. "A 'smart gun' like in Sky fall would require some sort of grip recognition, which would look at the size, strength and structure of the hand, whether they're left- or right-handed, and how they squeeze the trigger."

Does it exist?

"There will definitely be prototypes for this kind of weapon out there, but they're not available to buy just yet," says Busby.

"It could be three to five years - or with a bit of money, one or two - but it's likely to be used to prove who fired a gun, not limit the number of people who can do so." Sorry, spies. You'd better make do with regular pistols for now.


Mach 5 missiles Boeing X-51A WaveRider

due tba

It might sound like a new jetski, but the WaveRider is the US military's hypersonic missile project, capable of travelling at over 3600 mph. Testing has been hit with in-flight stability issues—but with the US Air Force requesting more funds, this missile may still Live And Let DieLive And Let Die.

Laser defences

HELLADS due 2013 (testing) While Dr Evil wanted sharks with trickin' lasers on their heads, future villains might have them on flying sentry drones. Originally the size of planes, then shrunk down to fit on the back of a truck, the 150k W HELLADS (High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defence System) will be used to defend against missiles.

Guidablebullets EXACTO due 2015 The problem with shooting things is that whatever you're trying to shoot usually doesn’t want to be shot and therefore moves. The EXACTO (Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance) sniper rifle has a real-time guidance system that allows its .50-calibre rounds to be manoeuvred after they're fired.

Robo-insects : Israel Aerospace Industries Butterfly dueTBA

Israel has been using recon drones since the '80s, but this insect-sized UAV is the most sci-fi yet. Despite weighing a mere 20g, the Butterfly carries a camera and mics, with its pilot donning a VR-style helmet in order to see exactly what the Butterfly sees in real time. Cool.

Get the tech at home

Philips Saeco Xelsis Digital ID £700

It won't shake your Martinis or be of much use in a gunfight, but this coffee machine would still be at home in Q's lab. Its fingerprint scanner can store favourites for up to six different spies (or friends and family), so it'll spit out your java, just how you like it, at the touch of a fingertip. Don't let it slip into the wrong hands...


Not allot Bond’s tech is Q-issued. You, too, can kit yourself out like 007 - but spy gear doesn’t come cheap,..

Dr Chronometer Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m


Bond has kept time on an Omega watch ever since he lost his Rolex after Licence To KillLicence To Kill. This limited-edition SkyfaJJtimepiece is a scuba-friendly Seamaster that's waterproof to 60 Om, with a helium escape valve and a bezel that rotates both ways. Only5007 have been made —so try not to Iose t his one, 007.

Live and let hide

Hollow Spy Coins

from US$21

Spending over US$20 on a coin worth less tha n a dollar mi ght seem as smart as buying shares in Facebook, but these pieces of eight have hidden compartments for smuggling (very small) secret bits and pieces (aIthough the 50 cent piece is big enough to hold a microSD card). Just try not to spend them by mistake - not that you’d be able to over here.

Quantum of soleil

Tom Ford Marko

James Bond’s chosen tailor has changed a number of times since Anthony S inclair invented the Conduit Cut suit for Sean Connery in Dr. NoDr. No. These days 007 is dressed by American designer Tom Ford (a hybrid of Q and Gok Wan), who supplied him with a pair of these aviator-style shades to keep the sun out of his eyes while shooting bad guys.

OctopUSB Kingston Data Traveler 6000

from £751

Keep your data safe on this titanium-coated, tough-as-diamond-soled-boots USB stick, which comes with 256-bit encrypt ion as well as military-grade security which locks down and destroys the encryption key after 10 failed login attempts.

It’s available in up to 16GB and in any colour - a s long as it’s black.

You only click twice



In the 1959 novel GoldfingerGoldfinger, Bond is described as using a Leica M 3 to catch Auric GoldfingerGoldfinger cheating at a game of canasta. While Leicas aren't particularly stealthy, the new 16.2MR f ixed-lens X2 combines the brand's iconic style with pocketability, making it perfect for infiltration missions, any where from Monte Carlo to Manchester.

Write another day Conway Stewart Churchill Carbon Fibre

In the past, Bond has been spied with an exploding Parker Jotter {GoldeneyeGoldeneye) and a Montblanc pen full of acidic ink that doubled as a radio receiver {OctopussyOctopussy). These days he's more Iikeiy to be seen with this limited-edition Conway Stewart: classy, British-made and covered in carbon fibre.

Case-inoroyale TumiTegra-Lite Bulletproof Attache


If you’re going to carry classified documents - or maybe just the lunch Moneypenny made for you —you’ll need luggage that’s up to the job. Tumi’s super-secure briefcase not only has a false bottom and pockets for phones and tablets: it can also deflect shots fired by everything from a pistol to a 12-gauge shotgun.

For your thighs only

Sony Vaio S

from £8001

By some remarkable marketing happenstance 007 is rat her keen on S ony kit—but that doesn't mean it’s not Bond-worthy gear. Available in 13.3in or 15.5in guises, the Vaio S is available with Core i7 processors, an SSD and Intel’s Anti-Theft system that allows you to remotely lock your laptop if it falls into the wrong hands. Handy for the careless spy.


Ericsson R380

Firstseenbeingusedtocontrol a BMW750i in Tomorrow Never DiesTomorrow Never Dies, Ericsson liked the flip-open concept so put it into production three years later. Sadly, the designers omitted the film phone's stun gun function.

Glastron Scimitar

MoonrakerMoonraker had its fair share of sci-fi gadgetry, but it was the film's stealth-like speedboat t hat inspired the Scimitar. It's a shame the integrated hang glider and bomb deployment system didn't make the final design.


While it might not be made from a fountain pen, cigarette lighter, cigarette case and cufflink like Scaramanga's famous golden gun, this Airsoft gun can be dismantled and folded down to about the size of a laptop battery.

Martin Jetpack

Although not technically a jetpack (it cheats via propellers pointed at the ground), this backpack booster is clearly inspired by the one used by Bond in ThunderballThunderball. It finally goes on sale next year for US $20,000.

The Vehicles

Bond without cars is like a Martini sans vermouth. SkyfallSkyfall features a slew of automotive beasts -as well as a returning classic.


An armed Jaguar XKR made the British carmaker's long-overdue Bond debut in Die Another DayDie Another Day, but the more laidback XJ L appears in SkyfallSkyfall- initially to chauffeur M and later driven by 007 himself. While the production model doesn't come stocked with missiles or mortars, sadly, it does include the option to fill it with more civvy gadgets than the contents of Q’s attic—including a 7.1 Meridian sound system, a 30GB hard drive for music and video, voice control and a dual-view touchscreen that allows the driver to look at maps while the passenger watches a movie. Much friendlier than an ejector seat.

The XJ-L comes with a 3L diesel V6 and an eight-speed automatic gearbox, which should make it easier for you to pull off a J-turn - although the car's 3m long wheelbase might make it feel like you're drifting a bus.


Aston Martin DB5

After a gadget-free cameo in Casino RoyaleCasino Royale,

Bond gets behind the wheel of his most famous motor once more in SkyfallSkyfall. Hopefully, this time it will come with a full complement of trickery and concealed weaponry. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get M to disclose whether the silver DB5 would come equipped with the ejector seat, revolving plates and bulletproof shield that featured in GoldfingerGoldfinger; but we're quietly confident. Or maybe we know—but if we told you, we’d have to kill you.

Also Starring

Land Rover Defender 110

from £22,3501 Land Rovers aren't just for farmers and toffs. In Sky fall, Naomie Harris' character Eve ‘drives' a Defender through the streets of Istanbul. Why the inverted commas? Because the actual driving is done with a special pod that allows the car to be controlled from the roof. Can you imagine that happening in Chipping Norton?

Audi A5

from £26,4951 In the world of Bondfiims, German cars are normally reserved for evil henchmen (the Brosnan-era BMWs were nothing more than a blip on the landscape). This movie is no different, with Ola Rapace’s character storming this 3L Audi A5 through a crowded Istanbul marketplace in pursuit of Eve's Land Rover.

The Vehicles Continued

Here’s two we made earlier...

Honda CRF250R

from £62901 Google ‘Honda CRF250R' and you won’t find a bike like either of these, but that's what they are - honest. Sky falls special-effects team modified these 250cc bikes almost beyond recognition for the film's opening sequence: one looks as if it belongs to an Istanbul market trader; the other looks like a police bike. As well as the obvious cosmetic changes (including spray-on rust and fake instrument panels), camera mounts were built into the chassis in order to film bike-to-bike POV shots as they sped across the Turkish metropolis.

•... and the ‘before’ shot

Walk into a Honda showroom and ask for a CRF250R, and this is what they'd show you. These speedsters are designed for motocross racing, which makes them light and extra manoeuvrable - even when modded to the hilt.


Lotus Esprit SI The Spy Who Loved MeThe Spy Who Loved Me While the Esprit might be one of the most iconic sports cars of the late-70s, it's best remembered for its underwater adventures. Some Bond trivia for you: Alka-Seltzer tablets were left inside the FX model to generate bubbles as it plunged into the sea.

Wallis WA-116 Agile You Only Live TwiceYou Only Live Twice

While filming a mid-air battle with this experimental gyrocopter (more commonly known as ‘Little Nellie'), cameraman John Jordan had his foot severed by the rotors of a Bell 47 helicopter. Ouch, A mention should also go to the film’s beautiful Toyota 2000GT.

BedeBD-5J OctopussyOctopussy

Bede’s BD-5J still holds the record for the world’s lightest jet-powered plane - and it came as a self-assembly kit, making it the ultimate weekend project. Bond flew his pre-built micro-jet through an open hanger to escape a heat-seeking missile. Toasty.


Gondola Hovercraft MoonrakerMoonraker

MoonrakerMoonraker might be an easy target for ridicule (Jaws falling in love - really?), but Bond's motorised gondola that turned into a hovercraft and scooted through the middle of Venice wasn’t just unrealistic - it also made him look like a fool. Very un-Bond.

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

Die Another DayDie Another Day

Don't get us wrong - the Vanquish is a beautiful car, but Q’s ridiculous aftermarket mods ruined it. Die Another DayDie Another Day was pretty preposterous all round, but an invisible vehicle? Leave that to the Romulans.

Ford Mondeo Casino RoyaleCasino Royale Mondeos are for sweaty estate agents from Milton Keynes, not secret agents who are irresistible to the opposite sex. Sure, it was probably more practical and economical - perfect for a Recession-era Bond - but surely 007 could have done better than this.


The Ipcress File

19651 Dir. Sidney J Furie Michael Caine excels as the anti-Bond Harry Palmer in this BAFTA-winning thriller. The plot is a confusing diorama of brainwashed scientists, departmental politics and double agents, but the film's deliberately downbeat ambience is what makes it so captivating. No Aston Martins or opulence on show here; Palmer makes his own dinner and asks his boss for a pay rise. Essential viewing, but make sure you read the book as well.

The 39 Steps

19351 Dir. Alfred Hitchcock Some 18 years before Fleming deigned to write up a sexier version of his own life, Hitchcock was wowing audiences with a B&W version of Scottish author John Buchan's 1915 spy thriller. Albeit with one key difference: the protaganist isn’t a spy, but a regular Richard caught up in a plot to steal Britain's WW1 military secrets. Various versions have been made, but this is the best.

The Bourne Identity

20021 Dir. Doug Liman Bourne is better than it had any right to be. Matt Damon is focused and believable as the abandoned CIA operative trying to figure out who he is and what has happened to him. Why a pretty girl decides to join forces with him reminds us how little we know (or Hollywood knows) about women, but the film is fast-paced and absorbing. However, the trilogy as a whole is less so, and the recent Bourne Legacy fails to meet any expectations. Shame.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

20111 Dir. Thomas Alf redson Directed by Thomas Alf redson, the man who gave us the original Let The Right One In, Tinker Tailor... is dark, drab and filled with dread. In other words, it's an accurate, awesome portayal of what the spy game is really like. Gary Oldman is fantastic as John le Carre's iconic George Smiley, he's supported by an incredible British ensemble cast, and the whole film makes the new-era Bonc/films look as gritty and realistic as Austin Powers.

[Source: Stuff Magazine UK, November 2012, P. 9, 58-73. Copyright © 2012 Haymarket Magazines. All rights reserved.]

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