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9. February 2017 11:48
by m

Thunderball 16mm IB Technicolor print

9. February 2017 11:48 by m | 0 Comments

James Bond Thunderball - frame from the 16mm IB Tech film, Sean Connery, Nassau HotelI picked this up on eBay a few weeks ago, thinking it was a trailer or TV spots, but it turned out to be a short section from a 16mm IB Technicolor print of the whole film. There are a lot of vertical scratches in this section, so I wonder if just this section was damaged - perhaps in the projector - and the owner of the print found a replacement reel somewhere else and spliced in some replacement footage... Odd to find such a short section of film... Anyway, Q-branch scanned it and I'm sharing it so you can get some idea of how the movie looked on film, back in 1965... 

Somebody pointed this out on facebook and I wanted to share it here in case you missed it, because I happen to agree completely: "In this clip Fiona deliberately drives way too fast to make Bond uncomfortable...understandable as she is a villain. Ironically in GoldeneyeGoldeneye, Brosnan does the exact same thing to a woman who is supposedly an ally. He is of course rewarded with sex for his efforts. Brosnan was written to be "cool" from a teenage boy's point of view. He was NEVER a gentleman spy." Since I was a teenage boy when GoldeneyeGoldeneye came out, I did think he was cool and didn't notice this at the time!

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