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15. June 2017 07:57
by m

The New Bond Women

15. June 2017 07:57 by m | 0 Comments

After scanning in the Roger Moore Tribute from People Magazine, I discovered that I still had a couple of older articles from People still waiting to be published. The first is about the new Bond Girls - sorry, Bond Women - in SpectreSpectre. Apparently, unlike all the previous Bond Girls, these women are "also smart, capable and more than a match for 007". Haven't they said that about every Bond Girl since Barbara Bach's Agent XXX? I'm sorry, but when Bond is having dinner with Madeleine on the train it looks like a man having dinner with his daughter. Roger Moore would have gotten away with it in his late 40s, Brosnan too, probably, but Craig just can't pull it off.

My wife pointed this out to me as we watched it, and as usual she's absolutely right. Which makes me think that we don't need a female James Bond, what we do need is some female James Bond screenwriters! I know James Bond is a male fantasy, but as a man I'd still like to see him Bonding with some three dimensional female characters - seducing beautiful women with more to do than sigh "Oh, James!" after being rescued a few times.

Fleming's The Spy Who Loved Me novel was a brave attempt at something new which didn't really work, but that doesn't mean that it was a bad idea: Why not make the next movie from the point of view of the Bond Girl? We find out who she is and what trouble she's in, and then this Bond guy shows up, saves her life and sweeps her off her feet, beats the stuffing out of the bad guys a few times before putting an end to them permanently. She could even be a single Mom with a child - that would be interesting (I don't think we've ever seen Bond interact with a child). He'd want to protect the child and it's mother. We would still get all of the car/boat/ski chases, explosions, stunts and action we want, (though bringing a child along for that part could be tricky!) but it's a fresh perspective. At the end of the movie, he must leave to take on his next assignment, breaking her heart, but then of course he sneaks back so that they can still end up making out as the credits roll... We know they'll not end up together, if Bond were to settle down and have a family that would be the end of the franchise, but it could reveal a new side of Bond we haven't seen before.

If done right, it could be great, but it would definitely be riskier than just having Purvis and Wade churn out yet another "007's gone rogue intent on personal vengeance, but coincidentally his actions will save the free world so that's okay" kind of story, but who really wants to see another one of those? I know I don't. At this point I'm less interested in who they hire to play Bond in the next film, than I am in who they hire to write it. My vote is anyone not named Purvis and Wade, and if they hire more than one writer, at least one of them should be female. 

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Femmes Fatales



Léa Seydoux

Her Role: Seydoux, 30, plays Madeleine Swann, a psychologist and the daughter of an assassin. “I wanted her to be a strong character,” says Seydoux. “A Bond girl you remember.” How You Know Her: She starred in the acclaimed 2013 French film Blue Is the Warmest Color. Her Bond Secrets: “To seduce Bond, you have to be mysterious,” says Seydoux, who admits to having had a crush on Daniel Craig before meeting him. “I was a huge fan. How can you resist Daniel? He is so sexy and a good kisser!”

Naomie Harris

“This time around I made her stronger and a bit more badass,” Harris says of her character.

Her Role: Harris, 39, returns to play MI6 secretary Eve Moneypenny. “She is a lot more rounded and grown-up in this movie,” says Harris. How You Know Her: The British actress was in the previous Bond film, SkyfallSkyfall, and also starred in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Lessons Learned: “On SkyfallSkyfall I was a little bit nervous because it was my first time in a Bond movie,” says Harris. “The second time around I was determined to have as much fun as possible.”

Monica Bellucci

“I had to play a Bond lady, not a Bond girl, because Lucia is a mature woman,” says Bellucci.

Her Role: Bellucci, 51, plays Lucia, an Italian widow. “I play a mature woman,” says Bellucci. “She doesn’t have the beauty of her youth, but she still has her femininity.” How You Know Her: She’s one of Italy’s biggest stars and well-known in America for roles in Malèna and the Matrix films. Bonding with Bond: ”Daniel is such a gentleman. We had these beautiful moments when it was like a dance: We are fighting, we are kissing,” says Bellucci. “It was like a tango.”


[Source: PEOPLE November 16, 2015 P.58-59. © Time Inc., 2015. All rights reserved.]

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