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19. December 2017 11:49
by m

For Y'ur Height Only

19. December 2017 11:49 by m | 0 Comments

Most James Bond fans will be familiar with a number of spoofs and knock offs that attempted to cash in on the popularity of the series, such as Operation Kid Brother (AKA OK Connery) which starred Sean's brother, Neil Connery, as a secret agent, along with a surprising number of faces that would be familiar to any Bond fan (including Bernard Lee, Lois Maxwell, Daniela Bianchi, Adolfo Celi, and Anthony Dawson). But here is one you may not have heard of... 

In 1981, a film company in the Philippines (Liliw Films International) produced a James Bond spoof unlike any other before or since. It starred a 2'9" tall primordial dwarf with a receding, Ramones bowl-cut, named Weng-weng as Agent "00", who cracks an international drug ring, gets the girl, loses the girl, and infiltrates the criminal lair of international mastermind Mr. Giant, played appropriately enough by another dwarf. Dressed in a white suit, Weng-weng's Agent "00" is armed with lot's of gadgets and some Kung Fu. His best trick? Kicking the bad guy in the balls and running through his legs.

WENG WENG as agent 3½ in "For Y'ur Height Only"

Weng-weng is Agent 00. He is only 2 feet and a half inches tall and weighs forty pounds. His height is not a hinderance for existence, thus... In this story, he Is connected with the Intelligence Civilian Force of the Military, specially and highly trained for the task asigned to him.

Among his assignments are to fight drug-trafficking, drug addiction, Crimes like hold-ups and kidnapping. Tho highlight of them all is his encounters.

Although small in size, Weng-weng as Agent 00 is an expert In martial arts, intelligent and full of tactics. He is so brave to face any ordinary guy with his capacity to wlth hold you with his fast draws of his 2S caliber gun. His martial arts ability ere shown in great measure in this film, where he does a lot ot stunts, fight sequences and some sharpshootinge.

A big surprise.... amazing, because he follows orders bravely, always sees to it that his <<Boss>> order <<Get Them All>>, the order has never been a failure.

Our story is a happy ooncoctlon of a bit of drama, comedy, spiced with a ticklish amount of action. The story also provides interesting touches and highlights. Weng-weng and his amount  escapades... by his charm or by his unbelievable height? He also gets into trouble cloak and dagger style (our hero is also a karate expert). He gets into comical situations.

The story is full of action and laughter that will surely entertain the kids and the olds alike.

The film is just as gloriously bad as it sounds, yet it was one of the Philippine's biggest hits, selling around the world. It really has to be seen to be believed. Luckily, the entire film is on YouTube:

A rather lackluster sequel, The impossible Kid, followed but failed to recapture the 'magic' of the first film.

Be sure to check out the videos by Australian Guerrilla Film maker Andrew Leavold to learn more, and catch his documentary, "The Search For Weng Weng".

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