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5. October 2012 18:02
by m

007 A Mad Musical

5. October 2012 18:02 by m | 0 Comments

From the "IT’S TRUE! BONDS DO HAVE MORE FUN DEPT." comes this Vintage article from MAD Magazine #94 (April 1965). "There’s a new trend on Broadway these days—which is to make musicals based on great British literary figures. First there was “Camelot”, based on the story of King Arthur... then there was “Oliver”, based on Charles Dickens’ novel “Oliver Twist”. . . and this fall, there is “Baker Street”, based on the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. That’s why we at Mad feel that it’s only a matter of time before Broadway does a musical on the most sure-fire British literary hero of all. We mean, of course, James Bond, Special Agent 007, of the British Secret Service, the creation of the late Ian Fleming. Perhaps someday there may be a real James Bond musical. But until then, you’ll just have to put up with a Mad James Bomb musical, which we’ve titled: 007"

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[Source: Mad Magazine # 94, April 1965, P.7-12. Copyright © 1965 E.C. Publications, Inc.]

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